Life Lessons For All Ages: The Joys of Living in Simplicity – Part I

Where do I begin? ..

I’m not old, but I’m not extremely young ..

I’ve lived a while and have some experience under my belt by now.

There are things I wish I could have told my younger self once upon a time …

Words of advice, and so forth …..

What words of wisdom would I have shared? ………


1)  Believe in yourself & know that, if difficult, things WILL get better!!

2)  You have more power to change your life for the better than you think!!

3)  As you grow and mature and find yourself on the precipice of selecting your first place / home on your own…  no need to go big immediately!  You’ll be amazed at how little you really need to make it on your own.. Just a roof over your head in a safe environment.  Less is more.  You’ll thank yourself later!!  A studio or studio suite is amazingly comfortable and relaxing, and you’ll be so happy you’re not spending all your hard-earned money needlessly.

4)  Life is not about how many possessions you have… it’s about the journey!! Literally!! .. Every day, make it about the journey …

5)  Think about all the different places you’d love to visit… Realize that the money you’ve earned and so carefully saved.. using a part of that to travel and see the world rather than pouring more than necessary into a larger-than-necessary dwelling … will be infinitely more rewarding and satisfying!! 🙂

6)  Continuing to manage your money conservatively … planning ahead …. planning to buy a nice little piece of property and investing in a home / condo of your own is the way to go (do your research, tho!! so you know you’re getting a good deal!!)  … rather than paying rent to the point where you’re pouring an unreasonably high amount of money down the drain over too many years.

7)  Whether you have a lot of money or a little… Make friends with your bank’s personal bankers.  Establish a relationship by  visiting your local bank regularly.  Ask questions.  You’ll find it more interesting than you think!!  Before you know it .. you’ll be making concrete plans regarding your future and making your most heartfelt goals become reality, and securing your future to make it easier to ride the waves of this life’s unexpected changes & surprises and still come out ahead and safe & sound.


Stay tuned for more tips & idea in the future!! …….

Sincerely & with love!! ….

Anne Kristin  ::-))


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