About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! 

Let’s see… 

How would I describe myself? 

I am … 

Multilingual and highly creative … I’d like to think so, anyway!  My passions are Literature, Music, Interior Design, Travel, Photography, Architecture, Gardening, Mental Gymnastics, Psychology, Good Food, Kind & Down-to-Earth People, Visiting w Friends & Family.  I’m fluent in Norwegian & English, and also almost fluent in Spanish & French.  I have some knowledge of several other languages as well. 

An Executive Assistant / Creative Writer / Photographer / Web Design & Development and Social Media Enthusiast / Translator / Aspiring Travel Agent / and now Blogger!  

Looking to break out of the mold of living a life filled primarily with work, work, work … because … that’s not really “living” is it?  There’s a difference between merely existing and truly living & enjoying life.  

So my goal is to enrich my life so I can truly enjoy it.  How I’m doing that is by giving myself the gift of time to nurture my creativity through the hobbies & interests listed above.  

While enjoying these interests … I find myself meditating and thinking about how to achieve a more satisfying life.  In the process, I hope to discover more about who I truly am and how to be the best me I can be; and while at it, how to create a more prosperous life and future. 

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