Hello World!! ::-))

Today I begin my Daily Gratitude Journal!! ::-))


Friday, June 20th, 2014

Recently – 2 weeks ago – I found myself in excruciating pain. Turned out to be a pinched sciatic nerve. Was in extreme pain for almost a wk bf I saw the doctor. Been off of work for a week.

Now, today, I’m heading in to see the doctor again.. and hopefully he should release me to go bk to work.

I am extremely grateful for the week off to rest and recouperate. Coincidentally, it gave me time of to reconnect with myself, w/ my friends & loved ones, and w/ the good lord up above. ::-)) I really needed all this.

It also gave me an opportunity to appreciate some new ways to take care of myself.

On a very basic level, I got a pr of crutches & a rolling walker, for $11.00 + change, total, together last week.

Yesterday, I got two new pairs of shoes, for work and for getting around, for $13.00 + change, total. ::-))

I’m trying to rebuild my life and this is one way to do it.. Things I need but should not be spending money on, so I can improve my overall situation.. one day at a time, one step at a time, as it were.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day today!! A bit hazy now, but warm and sunny and deeeelicious!! ::-))

Now to get ready for the day!! ::-))

Thank you for everything good in my life, and for all the people in my life that I love, and that I work with, and who walk w/ a positive attitude and help to make each day a better one for everybody all around.

Have a great day, World!! ::-))

With love,

Anne Kristin ::-))