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Though I’d like to think that I received a well-rounded education growing up, it boggles my mind that there are some topics that, in this day & age, are still not required and standardized nationwide.

One of my most important and serious concerns is the gap in our education system regarding finances … specifically Personal Finance … especially in light of the economy these days…

I think there are certain aspects of Personal Finance that should be required for graduation at every level of our education system.  It should be consistent and standardized, as well as reviewed and revised regularly to remain relevant and current.

We are raising one generation after another who finds themself deeper and deeper in debt.

Synergy exists in a multitude of aspects of our lives .. personally as well as professionally .. locally as well as nationally .. 

It is true that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

It works both ways, however  .. both positively and negatively.

To some extent, it is our individual debt that has created a nation in debt up to it’s eyeballs.

I believe that in order to turn things around .. among several worthwhile approaches .. one critical approach is to address this issue early on.

That means as we teach our children what we consider all the traditional important life skills, we should also be teaching them about money .. beyond how to count it and make change …

I mean how to handle it .. how to save it .. how to value it in a healthy manner .. how not to abuse nor waste it … and though it’s important to live in the present and enjoy life … [and though they may not know exactly what they want out of life as far as the type of work & lifestyle they would ultimately enjoy] …  

Some of the greatest gifts we can give our children are the knowledge, skills & tools required to cultivate some sort of long-term vision and show them how they can, step-by-step, methodically lay the groundwork to create the future they desire and will truly enjoy, no matter what that might be.

Also important are the emotional aspects of money (earning it; spending vs. saving it; immediate vs. delayed gratification; using it to buy “things” to fill our lives and homes in the hope of (sometimes) filling an emptiness within …

All these tools can teach our children how to make wiser choices  .. how to make their money work for them, not against them, and help them build a secure future.

Yes, I do believe that providing the tools to properly educate our children in this regard is the primary responsibility of the parent or parents of our children, however it is so basic a foundation to their future success that I cannot see how it is not also the responsibility of our entire education system as well.

 There are many hard-working, overworked parents out there who may not have the time, energy or knowledge to guide their child or children in this regard.  Things being the way they are, any help that a parent can receive in this endeavor is well-worth the investment.  It is an investment in the future not only of our children but the entire nation.


One of my favorite websites is:


It’s a wonderful educational tool in the area of Personal Finance and offers many workshops referred to as “Boot Camps” for revising, overhauling, enriching various aspects of your life, from your Finances to your Career.


Additionally, much of the information, tools and guidance via optional daily email and otherwise that I’ve experienced on this website are free, so cost is not a factor nor inhibitor in taking control of and improving your life financially and careerwise, and for this I personally applaud LearnVest.com and their staff!! ::-))



As with my other lists, in the future I’ll be adding additional resources / websites as I have time to expand on it, but I did want to get this page launched because the topic is so important and we need to rev up & energize the conversation and actively work toward instilling new, healthier ways of handling our Personal Finances.

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