Hi Everyone!!

Welcome to my page titled “Recommended Websites”.


Those who know me know that I’m a firm believer that “Knowledge is Power!”

To that end …

I’m really excited to have a page devoted to helpful websites where I can share useful learning tools and further my belief that there’s always something new to learn.

Below is the beginning of my list of useful resources / websites that I hope to share with everyone! Anything I post I will have been reviewed by me personally and will also be referenced in one of my other pages in greater detail.


One of my favorite websites is:


It’s a wonderful educational tool in the area of Personal Finance and offers many workshops referred to as “Boot Camps” for revising, overhauling, enriching various aspects of your life, from your Finances to your Career.


Additionally, much of the information, tools and guidance via optional daily email and otherwise that I’ve experienced on this website are free, so cost is not a factor nor inhibitor in taking control of and improving your life financially and careerwise, and for this I personally applaud LearnVest.com and their staff!! ::-))



In the future, I’ll be adding additional resources / websites to the above list, as I have time to expand on it, but I did want to get this one out there because it’s so useful and has so much to offer!

Til next time! 

Your friend & fellow blogger ….  

Anne Kristin ::-))