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Welcome to my first blog!

Here I hope to provide a lot of useful information, in addition to my thoughts & observations on various relevant topics.

Some of my areas of focus will be Workplace Environments, Personal Finance & Education, among others.

I’m very grateful to be working.  In the past, one would traditionally work for years & years & years at one and the same place, but that is no longer the case … not in this economy … and not in this day and age.  I do have some thoughts and observations on this, as well as various issues we all face in our respective work environments, and also other topics, such as the ones listed above.

I’m also seeking input by you, the reader, on each of the topics I’ll be highlighting, so please feel free to add to the conversation!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!  Have a terrific day!


Anne Kristin ::-))


From Inc. Magazine: 7 Functional Ways To Manage In A Dysfunctional Workplace


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Sunday Evening


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Sunday, January 25, 2015 7 30 PM


Sunday Evening 

Dinner at Mom’s …..

On the way over … 

Two blocks from the house …. 

In the car… 

Windows rolled up ….

Sensed a scent.

What’s that? I thought ….. 


The scent reminded me of smoked pork & Norwegian split pea soup.


Arrived at the house & eventually headed to the dinner table …..

There on the table ….

Norwegian split pea soup!! ……..

I really believe someone was watching over me and wanted me to know this!

Not completely sure, but I believe ….

It was my mom’s mom (Mormor) or her father (Bestefar) …


Truer Words


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Truer words were never spoken …
And now I feel like I’ve finally awoken!

I feel the warmth and the caress of the sun …
And I know I’m not the only one.

The Lord looks after me …
It is through His love and care I’m finally free.
Where once I was blind, now I’ll see …
And He’ll guide me where I need to be.

The laughter of happy people fill the air!
It swirls all around and through the sun’s glare!

It doesn’t matter what the language …
It’s there to uplift and to encourage!

I amuse myself with how the words now flow!
Used to be I didn’t know
How to write this “poetry” …
But inspirations now set my words free!! ::-))

To share and share alike they say …
I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The heart doth flutter and love uplifts!!
To give one’s love is the greatest of all gifts!! ::-))

Make the Most of This and Every Day!! ::-))


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Like the sun rising and pouring it’s light and warmth all over us … like the rose blossoming at the sight of a glorious new day … life is infinitely better when we realize and appreciate the beauty that each & every new day brings! Take it to heart & make the most of this & every day! Make sure you enjoy it! …~… In the midst of or in between all the things we “have to” do … do something constructive and positive that will bring you ever closer to your most cherished goals and the life you were born to live, so that at the end of the day you can say, “This was a good day!! Let’s do it again tomorrow!!” Then when you wake in the morning, continue joyfully creating that glorious life that makes your heart sing!! ::-))
First written 3 July, 2012

Lavender Fields


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An original poem by Anne Kristin
Oh, glorious fields of lavender down yonder way …
If you could speak, what would you say?
“Hold your head high and look to the future
There’s so much happiness and success there to be sure!
You really have struggled for so very long …
But now it’s time for you to sing your song!
A kiss for good luck & lots of love sent your way!
Today’s going to be a wonderful day!”

Daily Gratitude Journal ~ Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Morning, Everyone!! ::-))

Well!! ….

The title of this is “Daily Gratitude Journal”…

and yet, today is only the 2nd time I’ve posted to this particular part of my blog.

It’s not that I don’t feel gratitude every day because I do!! …

But I’ve been so extremely busy!!…. and still am.

Update! :

The doctor did release me on the 20th, so I’ve been back to work for a couple weeks now….

and, of course that’s why I’ve been so busy….


Yes.. Today will be another busy day.. even though it’s Sunday..

It’s beautiful and relaxing here ..

Birds are chirping..

Soft breeze in the air…

The drone of a lawnmower in the distance, on this day that’s supposed to be our day of rest.

I sit here ..

Up high ..

Looking out over my 3rd floor balcony into the hazy distance…. greenery everywhere!! ::-))

Thinking about all I have to do and will accomplish today…

I hear Andrea Bocelli in my head.. One of his greatest tunes …. sooooo inspiring!! ::-))

I am very grateful for every kindness and ounce of generosity extended my way!! ::-))

And I am especially grateful for all my wonderful family and friends .. some from way back ::-))  and some brand new ::-)) …

Each of you are very important to me and I appreciate you each in your own unique way!! ::-))


Now I’d better get my you-know-what in gear!!

Time to greet the day ~ take it by storm!! ::-))

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, they say…..

I am here, at home today, with a lot on my plate .. my list of things to do…

I want to feel satisfied at the end of the day…

Really satisfied in what I will have accomplished. ::-))

Have a really wonderful day everyone!! ::-))

With love,

Anne Kristin!! ::-))

Daily Gratitude Journal ~ Friday, June 20th, 2014

Hello World!! ::-))

Today I begin my Daily Gratitude Journal!! ::-))


Friday, June 20th, 2014

Recently – 2 weeks ago – I found myself in excruciating pain. Turned out to be a pinched sciatic nerve. Was in extreme pain for almost a wk bf I saw the doctor. Been off of work for a week.

Now, today, I’m heading in to see the doctor again.. and hopefully he should release me to go bk to work.

I am extremely grateful for the week off to rest and recouperate. Coincidentally, it gave me time of to reconnect with myself, w/ my friends & loved ones, and w/ the good lord up above. ::-)) I really needed all this.

It also gave me an opportunity to appreciate some new ways to take care of myself.

On a very basic level, I got a pr of crutches & a rolling walker, for $11.00 + change, total, together last week.

Yesterday, I got two new pairs of shoes, for work and for getting around, for $13.00 + change, total. ::-))

I’m trying to rebuild my life and this is one way to do it.. Things I need but should not be spending money on, so I can improve my overall situation.. one day at a time, one step at a time, as it were.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day today!! A bit hazy now, but warm and sunny and deeeelicious!! ::-))

Now to get ready for the day!! ::-))

Thank you for everything good in my life, and for all the people in my life that I love, and that I work with, and who walk w/ a positive attitude and help to make each day a better one for everybody all around.

Have a great day, World!! ::-))

With love,

Anne Kristin ::-))